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Why can't I enter any text when using Pixlr Editor?

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If you’re using Pixlr Editor and find that you have difficulty using the Type tool to enter text, the issue may be rooted in the settings of your browser. We’ve heard from some Chrome and Firefox users who use Incognito or Private Browsing modes who cannot enter text. From our own testing of these reports, it appears that this private browsing mode conflicts with Flash (Pixlr Editor is built in Flash). We may tackle this issue in a future version of Pixlr Editor, but switching to the regular browsing mode is a good workaround until then.
To exit Incognito Mode in Chrome:

  • Click the X icon at the corner of the window.
  • Use the keyboard shortcut Alt+F4 (Windows and Linux) or ⌘-Shift-W (Mac).
  • Close the last tab in a window, which also automatically closes the window.

To exit Private Browsing mode in Firefox, simply close the window.

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