The 4 Habits Highly Creative People Practice

Here’s a quote from one of the greatest minds, visionaries and pioneers of the personal computer (PC) revolution:

Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That is because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthetize new things.

Steve Jobs

Just like that, the quote from the famous co-founder of Apple shows that creativity is not always born – it is worked with on a great scale. There are many highly creative people with a unique set of habits.

So, can a certain connection be drawn? Below, we are listing the four most common habits of highly creative (and successful) people.

Know What Fuels Your Creativity

Creative people are like wildfire – they know how to spread their ideas quickly and stimulate their creative burning process. Talk about idea firestarters! Most importantly, they know what stimulates their creativity and keeps them in the loop.

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Most usually, these include activities such as watching specific TV shows, baking pies or yoga in order to light up their creative fire. However, these activities may not always relate to art – they are not always the same thing.

There are also creatives who study creativity in detail and read more about it. They are hooked on books, TED talks, creative thinking workshops and techniques, all featuring world-class experts and topics such as creativity and innovation.

Be Present In Your Environment (All The Time)

Sounds like a tough one. But in reality, it’s not! You may go to work just to sit in a chair and let time pass while expecting a creative burst. Or you’ll probably try hard to be creative but are unaware of your surroundings.

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What highly creative people do relates to their presence in the environment – both when they are at work and at home. The CEO of Nike is one example for that. He is present at every moment, has an office filled with art, guitars, toys and other items that are not usually part of office settings.

The main idea here is to always seek inspiration from the environment as well as change to make your space more creative. Sometimes, creativity lies in the littlest of things.

Stay Around People Who Are Creative Thinkers

Creative people stick to hanging out with creative people. As simple as it is, being around like-minded people helps them be more creative.

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Incredible thinkers think alike. They knock ideas back and forth like a game of ping-pong. If you are blessed to have such people around you, make most of them and hang out time after time. Even a monthly breakfast date or gathering can leave you with a lot of inspiration, a few good ideas and many “curiosity conversations” spiraling in your head for weeks.

If you don’t have creatives near you, try to find groups or individuals that you can pair with and hang out on a regular basis. Alternatively, make sure to attend as many workshops in your field as possible.

Keep An Idea Journal With You At All Times

Even though this might sound too simple and obvious, it is also one of the best habits of highly creative people.

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Keeping an idea journal helps not only with note taking – it helps with establishing a habit to write down everything that you are thinking. The best creatives know this by heart. In fact, an idea journal can sometimes be the ultimate chamber of ideas for a new project, business or opportunity in general.

Also known as displayed thinking, this technique revolves around writing down your thoughts to improve their clarity and generate more ideas from them. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a notebook from your nearest store and start using it daily!

In The End…

…creativity takes many forms in business, art, design, science and education. No matter which form you are seeking, you should best learn it by the professionals and know what to do in order to draw more connections from it.

According to science, we are all wired to create. The only key here is to get to know the signals around us and recognize creativity on the level of the brain, personality as well as the creative process in general. So, will following these tips make you a creative genius?

Not necessarily. What you make of it is entirely up to you. Fire up Pixlr X and get your creative wheels rolling.

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