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The X Effect: Posterize Your Photos In Seconds!

I’m using a stock photo offered within Pixlr X’s main page. To open an image, simply drag and drop one of your choice or use the built-in auto file finder. First, you’re going to want to duplicate your chosen photo layer. I always do this just in case I don’t really like the effect I went for and want to just revert back to the original, instead of going through heavy rounds of clicking the Undo button. Check out the video below to get a quick walk-through, or follow the written guide beneath that.

Head over to Pixlr X to start editing your photos 😉

Next, head on over to the left sidebar and click on Filter, then choose Posterize. Adjust the level you want to go for on the slider, or just enter in the amount of your choice. Your image should reflect your changes instantly. If you’re not satisfied with the way your image looks, simply click the Compare button (right next to the Zoom buttons) or hit the Undo tab on the same bottom row.

In short:

  • Click on Filter
  • Choose “Posterize
  • Adjust the slider to suit your preference
  • Or, manually input your preferred amount just above the slider
  • Hit Save!

If you still need to make adjustments after adding the Posterize effect, you still can! Why not try adjusting the brightness, exposure, toning, and curves of your photo? Remember to hit Save on the bottom right corner of the Pixlr X toolbar to download your edited image. 🙂

The X Effect: Posterize Your Photos In Seconds! - Pixlr Blog
Adjust the slider or manually key in the amount you want to set the posterize level for.
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