User Spotlight: rinzon

Rinzon is a master of #decayporn.
That somewhat racy sounding hashtag is more than you might think at first glance. Go take a look at the photos that sport the #decayporn hashtag on Instagram, and you’ll see tons of broken down, falling apart, left behind — but also very beautiful — things. Documenting decay can be dazzling, as Rinzon shows in his photos.
These photos appear wet with color. They’re documenting industrial decay, peeling paint, abandoned cars, graffitied walls. We don’t even want to know what types of chemicals are littering these broken cityscapes.
Rinzon is located in Riga, the most populous Latvian city. Riga is a cultural crossroads that’s been around since 1201 A.D., but there are also plenty of abandoned factories nearby that have gone quiet since the Soviet Union dissolved. It’s a perfect place to find rusty ruins, as well as still standing stuff that RInzon saturates with color and intensity.
These scenes aren’t completely devoid of life. Here and there you’ll see bits of greenery or flowers poking up out of the ruins. Flowers still bloom and donuts still get decorated in this desolate landscape.
One thing that definitely stands out to us about these photos: There are hardly any people in them. The place looks practically apocalyptic. One man’s documentation of missing people.
Cheers, Rinzon, for being so good at documenting all this broken-down beauty! If you delight in #decayporn like we do, follow Rinzon on Instagram.

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