Everything You Can Do With Pixlr X - Pixlr Blog

What can you create with Pixlr X? Even though it’s more for static imagery, you can always make design elements for video with it. Ready to learn more? Here’s a quick visual rundown on what you can do with Pixlr X.

Resize Social Media Photos In One Minute - Pixlr Blog

Making things for social media? Here’s a quick guide on how to resize social media photos so that they’ll fit the requirements of your respective social accounts. Did you know? By default, Pixlr X already has some ready-made sizes that you can simply choose from the new file…

Edit Food Photos With Pixlr X

In other words – how to make people drool at your food photos through a screen of whatever device they’re glued to. Let’s get straight to the point. Smartphone cameras are nifty, high-tech things of the future. Since these handheld pocket devices are able to capture DSLR-worthy megapixels…

Pixlr X: Saving Files To Your Computer

Did you know that you can save your edited files to different folders on your computer or device? Once you choose your mode of saving files setting, click on the blue “Download” tab at the lower right corner of the rectangular pop-up. Your file will download instantly into…

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