How To Select Photos As A Digital Creator - PIXLR Blog

Choosing stock photos is never easy, not to mention it takes some getting used to finding the right ones for your brand. Time consuming tasks like these can often be avoided through using search filters and advanced guides to produce better results. But as a digital creator, you…

How To Layer Effects In Pixlr X - PIXLR Blog

Wondering how to merge layers, or layer effects over each other in Pixlr X? We hear you, and we’re here to address your concerns. Pixlr X’s tools were designed to be simple and easy to use. It’s mainly geared toward users who are beginners at image editing. Even…

National Mutt Day - Retouching A Dog Portrait With Pixlr X

In honor of National Mutt Day, here’s a tutorial on how you can go about retouching a dog portrait using Pixlr X. I chose this handsome pitbull photo by contributor lunja on 123RF. Here’s what I’m basically going to do: adjust the hue and saturation of the pitbull…

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