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Ads and ad removal options

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Pixlr Mobile: Why Ads?

Over time, we’ve introduced ads in some of our apps. Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express on the web have ads in the browser, Pixlr for iOS and Android has a limited number of ads in places, and we have a few scattered ads on our site in various locations. We’re committed to being transparent with our users, so we want to offer a few details about why we include ads in some Pixlr apps and services.

First and foremost: Providing services costs money

We’ve been providing free apps for desktop, for the web, and for mobile for many years. Like all such services, running it takes money. Simply put, including ads helps us defray these costs.

Revenue now funds improvements tomorrow

We have a staff of people who are dedicated to improving the apps we currently offer and working on next-generation apps to satisfy the changing trends of digital art. We want to make bigger and better apps and provide services for more and more people. That only happens if we can prove — to ourselves and to others — that our products and services show real value. In other words, making money shows we’re on the right (sustainable) path.


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