Pixlr X

How To Layer Effects In Pixlr X - PIXLR Blog

Wondering how to merge layers, or layer effects over each other in Pixlr X? We hear you, and we’re here to address your concerns. Pixlr X’s tools were designed to be simple and easy to use. It’s mainly geared toward users who are beginners at image editing. Even…

Add A Gradient Overlay Effect In Pixlr X

Looking to vamp up your photos with a modern gradient effect? Pixlr X has a range of gradient overlays that are presets you can modify to suit the photo you are editing. Gradient overlays are basically selective color toning with a gradual blend of two or more hues.…

Everything You Can Do With Pixlr X - Pixlr Blog

What can you create with Pixlr X? Even though it’s more for static imagery, you can always make design elements for video with it. Ready to learn more? Here’s a quick visual rundown on what you can do with Pixlr X.

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