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File formats in Pixlr Editor

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Pixlr Editor has its own file format called PXD (which preserves image layers for future editing), but you can save or export your images in many popular and web-friendly formats:

  • PNG files can be transparent and of high quality. This is a good choice for the web, especially for logos or images that contain text or blocks of color separated by sharp lines.
  • JPEG (or JPG) is one of the most popular file formats and one that many cameras output. This is a great choice for images taken from real life (e.g. photos) that will end up on the web.
  • BMP files are larger and capture more data, which may be desired for higher quality images (e.g., for printing), but this is not a good format for displaying on the web.
  • TIFF is similar to BMP and is used by some graphic design professionals as a preferred format. If you need to export as much data as possible (e.g., as high quality an image as possible), your best bet is to choose the TIFF format.
  • Keep in mind that .pxd is the only format that will preserve layers for editing later.
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