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When I try to save images with Pixlr Editor I just see “Working… please wait.”

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We are aware of an issue that some people experience saving images in Pixlr Editor. There are a few instances where we think this might be happening, so please check to see if one of these two apply:

  • If you are using the Chrome web browser and are using it in INCOGNITO mode or Firefox and using private browsing you may have trouble saving. Our online apps are Flash-based and those modes may not allow Flash to save files to your computer.
  • If you are viewing the app in Full Screen Mode it may prevent you from saving an image.
  • If you are using Safari on a Mac, in some instances you may have trouble saving unless you allow Safari to save files to a local directory. Check out this article and see if this workaround helps.

Our team is aware of these issues, and they are investigating whether Pixlr Editor (which is a Flash-based app) can be changed to solve for these types of saving issues. For now, the best advice is to avoid Incognito or full-screen modes when working in Pixlr Editor.

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