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Why can’t I save Pixlr Editor images with older versions of Safari?

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If you’re using Safari 6 (on an older version of the Mac OS) and saving an image and it never seems to save — the saving spinner just spins and spins — there’s a reason for it. Apple changed the way that Safari interacts with Flash apps like Pixlr Editor to prevent Flash apps from saving to a hard drive unless the user changes a setting to tell Safari to allow saving from Flash apps. It’s an attempt by Apple to close what they consider a possible security hole in Safari. This can be a frustration for some users, but the good news is that it’s fixable.
Adobe has published some information that may be helpful if you are having trouble with Safari and Flash. Their very helpful article details how to allow Flash apps (like ours) to run in what Safari calls “Unsafe Mode.” While we don’t think it’s unsafe, it might solve some peoples’ issues with Safari and Flash not playing well together.
Alternatively, if you are a Mac user you can simply upgrade your operating system to Mavericks. Mavericks is a free upgrade provided by Apple here.

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