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5 Creative Fall Photo Shoot & Photo Editing Ideas

Bid summer farewell and say hello to cooler weather and knitted sweaters. There’s truly no better season that can represent growth, maturity and warmth than fall.  If you are looking for inspiration to get your creative juices flowing this autumn, we have just the right visuals for you. Let us guide you through this captivating

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The Gradient Design Trend – Why We Are Still Not Over It

If there’s such a thing as a long-lasting design trend, it would be gradient. This trend had recently made a comeback in 2018 and has not shown any signs of fading out soon, want to know why? Originally, the usage of gradients to add colors and depth to designs dated back to several decades ago.

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5 Easy and Creative Photo Editing Ideas You Should Try Today

As a creative, you never know when inspiration strikes. Sometimes it never does. Next thing you know, you lose the momentum and find yourself stuck in a creative rut for weeks. But fret not, because Pixlr has just released a brand new Creative Filter that is bound to tickle your creative bone and inspire new

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In The Spotlight | Maral Abedin

“There are endless opportunities.” Maral Abedin is a talent manager and an ex-influencer who now owns multiple businesses along with producing outstanding content. On YouTube, she has been able to share her experiences and work, with videos such as ‘Day in my life’. In this ‘In The Spotlight’ interview, Maral covers topics like her journey

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How to Make Your Photos Black and White with Pixlr X

Why make photos black and white, you may ask? Turning your images monochromatic (specifically in this case, black and white) is a surefire way to convey nostalgia and timelessness. By adding a black and white filter, simple photos can then become dramatic or moody. A sense of class can also be achieved in your images

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In The Spotlight | Jesse Clark

“I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping others.” Looking for an experienced business owner to guide your small business? Jesse Clark is here to provide you the essential resources that you need! He is a dedicated entrepreneur and a passionate tech enthusiast with ready materials online for you to easily access, such as Free Video

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4 Ways To Boost Creativity from The Comforts of Your Home - PIXLR Blog

4 Ways To Boost Creativity from The Comforts of Your Home

Classes, flights, and plans canceled? Creativity doesn’t have to be! Schools, businesses, restaurants and other public places across the globe have shut down recently in a collective attempt to contain the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. People have been advised to stay home and practice social distancing to avoid spreading the viral disease further. If you’re not

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