10 Spooky Films To Binge This Fall 

With Halloween just a few days to go, you may want to kickstart binge-watching all your favorite horror movies, getting comfy in your bed all munching on popcorn. Perhaps, you have already started doing the spooky marathon since October starts!

However, if you are looking for a complete list of all the best classic horror flicks to watch, scroll down below! We’ve curated a special film collection that will have you hanging onto your dear life this Halloween. What’s more, Pixlr can easily help you achieve similar visuals to these eerie, beloved-by-all, horror films.

1. IT

Being one of Stephen King’s most popular work since the 90’s, IT has recently gained an even bigger fanbase due to its well-received movie adaptions on 2017 and 2019. Topped with the A-list stars, IT has successfully continued to spook its audience for decades as it utilizes bizarre imagery, original plotline, and shocking opening without fail.

The notable ‘red balloon’ has become so iconic that it made the movie instantly recognizable. Of course, you can achieve this unsettling look for your designs and edits equipped with Pixlr‘s advanced tools.

2. Friday the 13th 

Any horror fan would have instantly heard of the legendary movie Friday the 13th. If you are an enthusiast slasher films filled with unyielding suspense, this classical piece is for you.

With the eerie poster above, we have incorporated the famous ski mask and blending it in with the gloomy scene of a foggy house, making the edit look all the more creepy. The mask laying on the ground becomes an even more of a bad omen, signifying something terrible has happened off frame.

3. Carrie

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a classic revenge horror film? With its plot centralizing around the journey of a girl transitioning to teenagehood, this movie accurately portrays the struggles that many young girls have.

From bullying, and body image issues that the main character faced, to obtaining that satisfying ending – Carrie, (in some obscure way), is a movie about women empowerment. Safe to say that that is one of the reason it was beloved by many horror fans.

Come onboard with Pixlr as we can help you achieve this iconic bloodbath look created by using the effects available.

4. Silence of the Lambs

This academy award winning movie is not to be missed when it comes to getting into Halloween vibes. The intricate plot, the topnotch acting performances by both Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster, combined with the chilling cinematography are simply to die for.

The poster made by Pixlr above is a reference to the moth element, in which it symbolizes transformation – a vital motive by the serial killer in the movie. It also mimics the original movie poster, which makes it all the more nostalgic for classic horror fans worldwide.

5. Scream 

This monumental slasher series have chilled our bones for so many years now. Scream is truly an iconic psychological thriller that has defined the genre, containing just the right amount of gore, humor, and suspense.

The well-known symbol of the movie, the mask which the serial killer dons, holds such immense value to this film series. Hence, Pixlr is sure to incorporate this infamous artifact into the above photography edit.

6. Coraline

Don’t be fooled by its stop-motion animation style – Coraline is anything but a children’s movie. This movie tells the story of a lonely, miserable young girl who just moved into this mysterious new house along with her dismissive parents. She then discovered a secret tunnel in which she can cross into a parallel world where everything is perfect (including her parents!), but with a catch of course.

Its stunning imagery, Laika’s attention to detail in animating each frame, and its jaw-dropping plot have made Coraline easily one of horror fans’ top favorites. In this poster above, we have included his silhouette topped with the legendary button eyes, with the backdrop of her house’s outline.

7. Get Out

Jordan Peele’s ground-shaking debut into the horror genre with his movie Get Out has left deep impressions among horror fans. This social-psychological-horror movie has created an entirely new subgenre within the horror community, as it bagged countless awards due to its intriguing concept and shocking twists.

As a homage to one of Get Out’s most critical plot device (no spoilers here!), Pixlr has come up with this unsettling poster that conveys the same atmosphere as the film does.

8. Poltergeist 

As the entire narrative of the classic horror movie Poltergeist is creepy entities disrupting electric appliances, Pixlr is here to bring you back to reminisce on these memorable and chilling visuals that the entire film series had provided us with for the past few decades.

The static TV along with the child placed in front of it, observing cluelessly, is one of the most iconic scenes in the film series and posters. See just how accurate and quick you can copy this haunting visual with Pixlr’s intuitive platform.

9. The Ring

Who hasn’t heard of The Ring? Both the original Japanese and western adaption were frightening on an entirely new level – leaving the audience permanently scarred. The seven-day curse occurring to whoever watched the forbidden tape is extremely unnerving, causing this movie to receive such a high rating (deservedly so).

To commemorate The Ring’s iconic visual of its disturbing well, Pixlr is here to show just how far you can achieve this look. The platform is more than capable in integrating the image of the creepy little girl seemingly “popping out” of the well, just like in the movies.

10. The Shinning

Another fan favorite Stephen King, the movie adaption of his novel The Shining has garnered massive attention for the longest time since its publication. The first movie adaptation in 1980 horrified audiences worldwide with its brilliant screenplay. The movie essentially captures a simple narrative of what isolation, stress, and manipulation can urge a man to do unspeakable things.

This original and thought-provoking horror masterpiece was beloved by horror enthusiasts everywhere. One of its iconic jumpscares that involve the creepy twin can be seen in the edit above – almost identical to the original scene in the movie.

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