5 Reasons We Love These Book Cover-Themed Templates 

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In conjunction with the national book day, let us celebrate the writing pieces that you’ve done with these captivating book cover templates. Pixlr truly understands how writers have put their entire heart and soul into the pages, now let us help you entice the readers with these amazing designs!

Celebrate your book with Pixlr’s templates

With Pixlr‘s simple yet advanced interface, rest assured that you can easily design a book cover of your choice within just a few clicks. 

The AI-driven platform is ridiculously convenient and easy to use – regardless of your level of design expertise, you can get the hang of Pixlr’s editing tools within seconds. 


Discover a vast array of template choices 

Pixlr takes pride in the diverse options of templates that we offer. From educational books, to fiction and lifestyle books, you can surely find the design that resonates with the content of your book. Any literature genre is covered. 

Customizable with just one click

As for less tech-savvy authors, fret not! Pixlr’s features are designed to be user-friendly, even for the most novice designers. You can customize these book cover templates within seconds as it only takes one click! 

You can adjust, edit and add design elements as you please, choosing from up to hundreds of layouts. This makes it extremely easy for authors to create a cover that stands apart from the rest. 


Pixlr lets you focus on what is really important 

With these professionally designed templates, you can spend more time working on the book cover’s content. This is as Pixlr lets you direct your focus to where it’s needed the most, hence maximising your efficiency. 

Get Inspired with Pixlr’s Creative Templates!

There’s no better time than now! Explore these latest release of book cover-themed templates on Pixlr and get your hands on these stunning designs.

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