5 Spring Photography Ideas for 2021

The blooming flowers, the greenery, the warm weather…everything about spring just prompts us to embrace new beginnings, hopes and joys. In fact, spring is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf. 

If you’re planning an upcoming spring marketing campaign or if you simply just want to update the vibe of your Instagram feed for a fresh start, take a look at these spring photography ideas and your photos might just spring into the season!

Floral Flat Lays For The Win

Pink flower on green leaves pattern by Ivan Zamurovic, 123RF.

We all love aesthetic flat lays, and nothing is more aesthetic than Mother Nature’s gift to us – flowers. 

You can either pick some flowers from your garden or buy yourself a bouquet of fresh flowers from your local florist. Then, you’d need to find some natural lighting and choose a plain background, preferably seamless anti-wrinkle backdrops. But if you don’t have professional backdrops, you can opt for smooth table tops or even cardboard paper.

Flat lay of various flowers by Ivan Zamurovic, 123RF.

Feel free to use everyday household objects to juxtapose the colorful flowers. Get creative with patterns, have fun exploring different concepts and create your floral artwork!

Like Flowers, We Bloom

Girl with a bouquet of flowers in her hands by Evgeniya Porechenskaya, 123RF.

Wanna take quarantine self-portraits but too shy to show your face? No problem! Just get yourself a large bouquet of flowers, hold them close to your face and set your camera on timer mode. This way, you get to create an aesthetically pleasing self portrait at home without having to do your hair or put on any makeup. 

Women holding flowers by maximleshkovich, 123RF.

Hand Me Flowers 

Women’s hands with wild flowers on an open book by Galina Zhigalova, 123RF.

Not keen on being in frame? Let us lend you a hand (pun intended)!  Artsy hand photography is and always has been a trend among creatives. However, hands are probably one of the hardest body parts to photograph. If taken from the wrong angle, hands can look very abnormal. But flowers can make them look less awkward.  

Place flowers inside the sleeves of your blouse or sweater, lay your hands with your palms facing upwards and take the shot! You can use a book as a prop, or you can just scatter more flowers around your focal point to fill up the white space.

Hands with lilac flowers and petals by Anna Ivanova, 123RF.

Good Morning Sunshine

Portrait of woman sitting in a chamomile field in sunset by Сергей Козиенко, 123RF.

Rise up early and shine! There is no better time than a crisp morning in spring, where the rustling of leaves and the chirping of birds form a symphony. 

If you’re a person that enjoys basking in the warm rays of the morning sun, you can set up a simple backdrop on your balcony and seize the golden moment to capture a few shots of your “I woke up like this” look. Make the most of the good lighting as the sunlight streams through your windows and creeps into your bedroom. 

If you’re a person that jogs every morning, then perhaps you can go hiking and find a nice spot, preferably a wildflower field to capture some beautiful sunrise pictures! Just like spring, sunrise not only signals the start of a brand-new day, but it also symbolizes a beacon of hope. Share a dazzling sunrise pic on Instagram and your feed will definitely stand out in this season of new beginnings.

Go On A Picnic

A summer picnic by bajneva, 123RF.

Who doesn’t love a fancy picnic with loved ones in springtime? Look for picnic spots with amazing views, like lakesides, beaches and preferably parks with flowering trees to slay the spring-themed photoshoot. 

Young woman in white dress having picnic in poppy field by Ekaterina Pokrovsky,123RF.

Choose an outfit that matches the picnic vibe and don’t forget to pick up a few props to create the picture-perfect picnic shot. A cute picnic mat, a picnic basket, flowers, colorful snacks and drinks will just do the trick!

Most importantly, remember to have fun, enjoy some good company and revel in the beauty of spring!

Girl in a field of flowers by Сергей Козиенко, 123RF.