5 Summer Color Palettes for Aesthetic Designs

It ain’t summer without piña coladas, pool parties, garden picnics, and beach vacations. So what if there are color palettes that perfectly embody these summer elements? 

Here, at Pixlr, we have 5 vibrant, eye-popping color combinations that are the epitome of an unforgettable summer, ranging from calming hues of light teal and sage green to earthy tones of gold and coral. 

These color palettes can be integrated into your personal social media posts or your brand/product’s promotional posters and ads for the season.

1. Bleu Paradis

Design with this palette on Pixlr

If you’re yearning for sea breeze in your hair and soft sand between your toes, this color palette is perfect for you this summer as it incorporates blue grays with muted seafoam green. 

You can easily use this color palette for your beach getaway posts, stories, or mood boards. But if you’re a brand owner looking for a color palette that best suits your product/service, this color palette would work seamlessly with:

  • Skincare products
  • Fragrances/perfumes
  • Home decor/candles 
  • Hospitality (Airbnb) 
  • Event planning

2. Moroccan Summer

Design with this palette on Pixlr

Enthusiastic, passionate, and adventurous – this color palette screams all three of these personalities. With fiery reds and joyful bursts of orange, this palette demands attention when it walks into the room. 

It is the perfect color palette for you to showcase your exciting summer adventures spent with friends and loved ones or your romantic getaways with your significant other.

3. Secret Garden

Design with this palette on Pixlr

Imagine walking to a garden brimming with life and flowers on a warm summer day – this is exactly what this color palette feels. 

With splashes of blue, refreshing greens, and an inviting shade of pink, this palette is excellent for summer promos, campaigns, event announcements, or even your personal social media posts.

4. Retro Funk

Design with this palette on Pixlr

Here at Pixlr, we’ve always loved retro designs and old-school mnemonics, so we’re bringing back the 80s summertime vibe inspired by this summer’s hottest show – Stranger Things, which we are definitely no stranger to. 

These candy-like colors of mint and hot pink are ideal for products/services such as:

  • Baked goods/bakery
  • Arts & crafts 
  • Home decor
  • Event planning
  • Fashion

5. Gold Blush

Design with this palette on Pixlr

Where sand dunes meet pink sunsets, this color palette is warm yet calming, spontaneous yet grounded. 

With its browns and pastel pinks, this palette would go well with your picturesque travel photos as it captures the quintessence of perfect summer vacation.

Start designing with these palettes.

Now that we’ve shown you all 5 of our beautiful color palettes, it’s time for you to incorporate these into your summer designs! 

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