Adopted a Pet? 5 Things You Never Thought Will Happen

As a pet owner, not a day goes by that you don’t bask in the companionship of your pets. Not only pets steal our hearts, they contribute to a number of other things in the most unexpected way.

No. 1: You’ll Max Out Your Phone Storage

Yes, you read that right! With all the cute poses and adorable selfies you cannot stop snapping! Your devices will be overflowing with your pet’s photos! 

On top of adding more memory into your device, share all those wonderful memories with our specially curated pet templates on Pixlr here. Make a collection of collages with  personalized text, add on stickers or other images, and more! It might save you some memory space too. *wink*No. 2: You’ll Miss Them ALL THE TIME!

Separation anxiety in pets is normal. But it applies to us humans too! Ever wonder what your pet is up to when we’re away at work or on a short trip?

Here are a few tips to help you get by:

  • Setting up a pet-cam to watch them when we’re not around is one of the ways to ease our worries and to also catch them in action.
  • Keeping an album full of their photos also allows us to remember all the fun moments and little milestones with our pets.

No. 3: You’ll immediately bond with other pet parents

It’s great to have someone to relate to when there’s just so much to talk about! From your pet’s diet, walking routine, favorite toys and so much more. Your pets are your best friends, and it just becomes a part of your everyday conversation, naturally! This is what spreading the love means, to most pet owners anyway.

No. 4: You’ll Start Talking To Them

Brace yourself! And yes, you’re not crazy. You’ll start talking to them in a special voice. Your furkids become your life and you’ll find yourself talking to them 24/7! The crazy thing is, sometimes our pets would also respond to us as if they really understand us.

No. 5: Your Pet Will Be The Star of Every Special Occasion

From a statement collar to a full blown costume, they’ll be looking their best at every occasion, and you’ll be a very proud pet parent of your little diva. You’ll even get jealous of their following on social media.

Overall, being a pet parent makes you the happiest. From being there, during your hardest moments to celebrating your wins, your pet will always be there, cheering you on! Celebrate them today with our aww-dorably designed pet templates – make them the star they already are! Make a collection of your most prized pictures of them with our cute pet templates here.

Show the world what they mean to you and share with us your favorite moments of your pets. We’d love to see your adorable pets, tag us here!