Are You Up for the Android Editors Photo Challenge?

When you run a photo through Pixlr Express or Pixlr-o-matic and take full advantage of those tools to create something worthy of being hung on a wall — of being called “art” — that’s when we smile the widest. We think your smartphone isn’t just a tiny computer with a tiny camera that you carry around with you everywhere; it’s a tool for creating beautiful, arresting, substantial, moving works of art.
If you agree with that sentiment in even a small way, you’re going to love Android Editors. They are a community of Android photographers who continually challenge themselves and each other to create works of art using only their phones. This week, they launched their #AE_Pixlr Editing Challenge. And you are cordially invited to join in.
This is a two-week picture-fest that culminates in a lot of back slapping and personal recognition. We would love to see what our community of Pixlr Express and Pixlr-o-matic users can add to this flowering of creativity. While the Android Editors usually keep the focus on Android apps, they have opened up this challenge to iPhone users, too. They want to see what our community of photo takers can do. It’s a challenge that’s less about which operating system you use and all about what you can do with Pixlr apps.
We’ll be sharing our favorites as the challenge progresses here on this blog, via our Twitter feed, and to our 2.5M+ Facebook Fans. When it’s all said and done, the cream of the crop will be featured on this blog and on the Android Editors site — as well as everywhere else our communities go to get the word out. In short: We’re going to celebrate the best of what our community can do.
Joining us is easy. Just share your photos with the hashtag #AE_Pixlr on a few key platforms so we can uncover them and spotlight them. And don’t hesitate to get our attention by tweeting to us to point out your own submission to the challenge. We want to see and spotlight your work!
Read all about how this #AE_Pixlr Challenge works on the Android Editors site.