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Dive into the world of endless creativity with Pixlr Face Swap! Whether you’re looking to share a laugh, enhance your professional profile, or unleash your imagination with fantasy characters, our AI-driven Face Swap technology makes it incredibly easy. In mere seconds, swap faces in your photos for fun, professional, or fantastical transformations. No manual adjustments necessary – just upload, swap, and share your way into any identity you can imagine.

Pixlr Face Swap does all the heavy lifting for you. Our AI seamlessly integrates faces, ensuring realistic swaps without the need for manual tinkering. Experience the magic of swapping faces with famous historical figures, celebrities, or even diving into your favorite ’90s yearbook photos. The process is fast, fun, and unbelievably simple!

Easy steps to your first Face Swap

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Face Swapping with Pixlr is as easy as 1-2-3. Upload your photos, select your ‘target’ swap, and let our AI do the rest. Or take your pick from our wide array of templates. In seconds, you’ll have a perfectly swapped face ready to share with the world.

Creative ideas to get you started

Need inspiration? Swap faces with historical figures for an educational twist, or insert yourself into iconic movie scenes. Mashup faces with your pets for a dose of cuteness, or swap faces with your friends for personalized greeting cards. Pixlr Face Swap is not just an editing tool—it’s a passport to endless creative exploration.

Social Media Stardom

Social Media Stardom Face Swap Results of a Superhero in a purple and blue costume

Swap your face onto your favorite fantasy characters for an epic profile picture.

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Professional Polish

Professional Polish Face Swap Results of a businesswoman

Regularly update your professional photos on LinkedIn effortlessly.

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Special Occasions

Special Occasions Face Swap Results of a lady with a flower wreath on her head

Customize your images for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays with fun face swaps.

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Pixlr Face Swap is more than just a tool – it’s a gateway to fun, creativity, and endless possibilities. Swap faces with your boyfriend or girlfriend for a good laugh, or customize images for every occasion. It’s time to unleash your creativity and see where it takes you. Try Pixlr Face Swap today and be whoever you want to be!

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