Christmas Punny Card Ideas

Are you looking for Christmas puns that will totally sleigh the greeting card game this holiday season? Well, look no further, because Pixlr is here to jingle your inspiration bells!

These tree-mendously hilarious Christmas one-liners are not only perfect for your (digital) holiday greeting cards, but also for your mandatory festive Instagram post captions. 

Now, without further ado, let’s sleigh into action! 

Santa & Elf Puns

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1. Christmas always makes me a little Santa-mental.

2. Throw a little tinsel on me ‘cause I love being the Santa of attention. 

3. I hope this gift hits Claus to home – Merry Christmas! 

4. The holiday season got me in the mood to Claus a stir! 

5. Always nice to see some festive repre-Santa-tion during the holidays! 

6. Without Santa, I’m just a rebel without a Claus. 

7. Happy ho-ho-holidays! 

8. Have your elf a merry little Christmas!

9. Treat yo-elf this holiday season! 

10. Don’t forget to snap that Christmas elfie!

Reindeer Puns

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1. My deer, Christmas time is here.

2. Make it rein! 

3. Prance like nobody’s watching! 

4. Merry Christ-moose my deer! 

5. Sleigh my name, sleight my name! 

6. Sleigh all day everyday! 

Winter Puns

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1. Love at frost sight. 

2. Freeze the day!

3. Chillin’ with my snowmies this holiday season!

4. There’s snow place like home.

5. Ice ice baby!

6. I only have ice for you.

7. It’s the most winter-ful time of the year!

Give Pixlr templates a try, here.

Now that you’ve got all the pun inspiration you need, it’s time to turn these into fun Christmas greeting cards that you can easily create with Pixlr’s wide array of templates. 

Start creating some festive joy with Pixlr today!