Design Business Cards on Pixlr

First impression matters; this is especially vital within the professional world. Essentially, stunning business card designs would be able to not only capture the attention of potential clients and customers, but also create a lasting impression. 

Pixlr’s vast collection of business card templates is here to help you craft the most personalized business card yet. Being one of the most renowned sites for editing, you can always count on Pixlr to be the best choice in being a business card maker. 

Business card mockup by rawpixel, 123RF.

Design your very own business card for free

Regardless of which style you aim for your business card design, Pixlr would give you exactly that. Whether you opt for modern, classical, or even quirky designs; all you have to do is choose a template that suits your liking. Add in your details, adjust its color schemes and voilà! You would get your well-designed business card finalized within minutes. 

With advanced editing tools built into a simple interface, Pixlr ensures that you can experience the smoothest designing process. For instance, Pixlr business card maker features a drag-and-drop motion in which you can freely add images and other graphic elements. This is as Pixlr strives to be an accessible editing platform to everyone regardless of their level of design expertise. 

Using the Free plan alone, you would be able to enjoy up to 500,000 creative assets featuring premium stock photos, artistic overlays, decorative fonts and many more. Our ready-made templates are designed expertly by a team of professional designers, guaranteeing the best result for your business card designs.

A variety of business card templates on Pixlr X.

Create on-brand business cards with timeless designs

Are you recently promoted? Started working from home? Used a new email address? If you would like to update these details into your draft, you can do so too. Simply open up your design and alter the information you would like to showcase. As Pixlr automatically saves both your drafts and finished projects, you can always go back to the platform to update your details.

What’s more, Pixlr has made it extremely easy for its users to upload their own images and logos, as we understand your need to maintain brand consistency. You are given full creative freedom as the site allows you to include your own logo, alter your design’s color scheme and select suitable fonts – All to ensure that your business card is on-brand.  

To help you visualize your dream business card, Pixlr also has an extensive collection of stock images and other graphic elements. Simply browse through our library of creative assets and select elements that would bring out the exact imagery you are aiming for. This way, people would be able to identify what exactly your business offers.  

Editing business card templates on Pixlr X.

Cost-effective, user-friendly platform

What makes Pixlr so great is that it requires no installation whatsoever. Not only is the site compatible with different kinds of PC, tablet, and laptop, it is also mobile-optimized – allowing you to edit templates anywhere, anytime. In getting the design you want, you are empowered to do so; without anyone’s help nor the need of outsourcing. Save your budget and let Pixlr’s intuitive, AI-powered tools do the rest for you.

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