Get Lucky and Be Better Two-Gether 

With digital illustrations taking over the world of design and art in recent years, it’s no wonder if you are excited to deepen your skills in creating superb digital imagery . However, considering the countless online tutorials, art styles, and digital tools to try, you may overwhelm yourself with the vast choices.

Fret not! we have the solution for aspiring digital artists just like you – With Pixlr’s intuitive, AI-driven platform, combined with Xencelabs advanced digital drawing tools, you can create otherworldly visuals in no time.

Xencelabs and Pixlr – the best duo you’ll ever need

As Xencelabs is a world-class organization striving to provide the best digital drawing solutions, its high-quality products leave no room for doubt. Xencelabs’ wide selection of tablets can grant digital artists unlimited freedom of artistic expression, ensuring that no creative vision goes halted.

This, combined with Pixlr’s relentless AI tools, serve no greater opportunity for digital artists to leverage. By using Xencelabs’ Pen Tablet and Pixlr’s editing suite, you can create illustrations, montages and manipulate photos like no other. Test your creative limits now and give this special duo a try by entering our lucky draw contest below:

Get Lucky Two-Gether with Pixlr

Give your luck a try and stand a chance to win! Lucky for you, this superb collaboration comes with a Lucky draw contest that you can join on Pixlr’s Facebook page. Stand a chance to win Xencelabs’ Pen Tablet Small with Quick Keys Bundle, along with 20% of for all Pixlr’s subscription plans.

How to join? 

❶ Like @pixlr & @xencelabs on Facebook.

❷ React & share the contest post.

❸ Use #madewithpixlr & Tag 3 friends in the comments  

Terms & Conditions:

  • The contest is open worldwide to everyone aged 18 and above.
  • All entries will be checked to make sure all required steps are taken .
  • Contest Period: 13th-30th October 2022.
  • Multiple entries are allowed.

Things are better two-gether

More good news ahead! If you purchase a Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small from October 14th to 30th, you can bundle it up with Quick Keys at no additional cost. Likewise, if you are interested in purchasing Xencelabs’ Quick Keys, simply add an extra 100 USD for an upgrade to a Small Tablet BUNDLE. For more details on the products, you can visit the official website or their Amazon store.

Grab this amazing deal quick! We promise that you won’t ever come across a deal as great as this often – after all, a lot of things are better “two-gether”!