How to Instantly Change The Mood of Your Photos with Pixlr

More often than not, content creators struggle in getting visuals that can convey the specific mood and tone that they want. This is especially true for photo editors, as they usually find a suitable image, but somehow it still lacks the right elements. 

Fortunately, Pixlr is here to help you in making the necessary alterations to change the mood of an image. Read below for a thorough step-by-step guide on how you can achieve a dazzling “wow” factor in your visual content. 


What is the mood of an image?

In art terms, the mood of an artwork or design piece generally refers to its ability to evoke emotions using its color, composition and lighting. The same applies to photo editing. 

The mood of an image is simply the emotions that we, the content creator, would like to enhance. As such, the aforementioned three principles have also become crucial in photo editing, as they are commonly adjusted by photo editors to create the right tone of the visuals.


Change the mood of your photos instantly with Pixlr

If you are looking to enhance the serenity and melancholy tone of landscape pictures such as the one above, simply head over to Pixlr and click Filter on the top bar. 

Once you have, you’ll see the Effect Library pop up on your screen. Head over to the Urban effect (as pictured above). 

Then, you’ll have more selections under this specific effect. Click on Style. This changes the mood of your image instantly, with the added vignette and cool tones. 

For further alterations, simply head tweak the image’s highlights and shadows under the Adjustment tab, as pictured above.

Under the Highlights & shadows section, you’ll get to tweak the level of each element by simply moving your cursor on the scale. 

As you can see, the mood of the edited image has now shifted completely. It has become brooding, darker and emphasizing solitude. 

Made with Pixlr E.

In enhancing the final look, add certain elements such as the full moon, or a flock of birds flying high. Ultimately, these little details will make the edit all the more enticing, showcasing just the right tone you’d like to convey to your audience. 


Challenge your artistic versatility 

As you can see, Pixlr’s simple yet intuitive features have made it extremely easy for photo-editors of any skill levels to execute their visions onto the images. Once you got the hang of it, test out your wildest imaginations and make the most creative collages yet. 

For instance, you can even turn an image as mundane as this:

To something as stunning as this:

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