In The Spotlight | Ben Nader

We should start with a vision of what we would like to do in the world.”

Ben Nader is a successful entrepreneur who wants to impart his knowledge and experience to others through tips and thorough how-to videos on YouTube. His distinct content has given those passionate about online business, recruitment and finance a chance to explore their interest as well as discover new ideas from an experienced businessman.    

In this week’s Pixlr Spotlight, Ben has talked about how he started his YouTube channel, turning content creation into a career, his love for the industry, and advice for future content creators.   

How did you get started on YouTube/Instagram? 

I’ve always had a creative side to me, and when I started my recruiting business, after a while, I decided simultaneously, 1. Why not teach what I’m doing to others and create a coaching program and 2. Why not share everything I do on YouTube! Since I had never been on YouTube, part of the allure was just creating a channel from scratch and curating content from day to day. It has become one of the most fun things I’ve ever done to date!

Did you always know you wanted to do this?

Absolutely not. I think it’s important to remind ourselves that we should start with a vision of what we would like to do in the world, (hopefully something to impact others positively) and then create that vision, however that comes about. For me, YouTube and growing an audience/following/training program etc in my business niche was just all part of the process. These things evolved over time and were never sketched out like a step by step plan.  

How and when did you know you can make this a career?

I realized after sharing much of my knowledge on YouTube, and receiving plenty of positive feedback from many people that I could create something that could help people learn what I’m doing. After running a beta version of what is now a much larger program to teach people recruiting, I know within a month that this would scale quickly, and it has. Enjoying teaching people things and creating content was also a huge factor in knowing this would be a career for me. 

How do you keep your audience engaged?

I keep my audience engaged by producing quality content that relates to them. I’m always keeping a pulse on what the audience enjoys learning about and watching and I just make more of that content, it’s really quite simple. Having a Facebook group and literally engaging with YouTube comments & Facebook group chatter is the ultimate engagement because I think people that follow you deserve that attention and proximity, although it can be a task at times with a growing following. 

What do you think is the most important when you’re looking for ways to engage with your audience?

Most of what I put out, content wise, is meant to teach something. With that style, it’s most important that I understand various learning styles and how people digest information. I take several steps to ensure I’m getting the right knowledge to my audience. Some of this includes taking in direct feedback like comments or messages on Facebook or LinkedIn. I also monitor various analytics on YouTube to actually see watch time, or click through rates etc which gives me a really good idea of what’s actually hitting home with the audience. 

What do you love most about working in this industry?

Making a difference in someone’s life in a very real way is the ultimate goal and win, in this industry. If I can teach someone a skill or knowledge that will set them on a pathway for success, I’ve won. My YouTube channel is really all about helping random people that the algorithm finds, come into my space and learn. If they like what they learn, they implement, if they implement properly they win. This is the most rewarding success for me. The same goes for people in my paid training program, a students’ success is my success as well, I’m happier than they are when they win!

How do you stay current on all the shifts and innovations?

This is a constant game of looking through other YouTube content, various Facebook posts and talking to a wide variety of recruiters that I know to keep up to date on what’s going on in the space and ensure that I’m up to date on my own knowledge and teaching the latest and greatest concepts. I think when you immerse yourself in something, it’s easy to stay current.  Gotta be 100%, can’t just make this a hobby. 

Have you noticed any positive or negative changes in your work since the pandemic?

I’ve realized that so many people have opened their eyes to becoming entrepreneurs and working for themselves, creating their own businesses and not going back to the 9-5 grind that they either left, or were let go from. I think the world has shifted, almost like an energy where people now see more of their potential. This is great, both for myself and for those experiencing a new perspective. Basically I can reach a whole new audience that’s ready for what I have for them, and the audience itself is more receptive at this point. There are people who are just not going back to a regular job anymore, and that’s great for those that can do it. It isn’t for everyone but it’s life changing for those that are ready to level up. 

What’s the funniest story that comes to mind ever since you started working more indoors due to the pandemic?

The amount of money I’ve spent on Amazon Prime for groceries and other items, rather than going physically to stores (due to safety reasons) is just comical/ridiculous.  

What advice would you give for aspiring creators? 

Be yourself, everyone else is taken and nobody wants a watered down version of someone that already exists, they want you and they’re waiting.  


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