In The Spotlight | Tyler Miller

“Be free to be yourself.”

Tyler Miller is a professional video editor that teaches people how to start to share stories/messages without having to spend thousands of dollars on equipment on YouTube.

His channel is also a great way to learn about productivity and how to earn money on the side. 

In this week’s Spotlight interview, Tyler talks about how he handled creating content whilst keeping up with the current trends and raising a family. 

How did you get started in your Youtube/Instagram?

Back in 2011 I was watching a lot of Apple and tech videos and thought, hey I could do this, so I started my YouTube Channel with an iPhone 4 as my camera. Like most everyone else, my first videos were terrible haha, but I leave them up as a reminder as to how far I’ve come.

Did you always know you wanted to do this?

Nope. I actually went to college undeclared thinking I would maybe go into education or business. I took a few communication classes and really enjoyed them and wound up majoring in Communications with a focus in Integrated Media (Audio and Video). If I didn’t take those communication classes, who knows where I would be today, but I found my love for video and editing in college.

How and when did you know you can make this a career?

Right out of college I tried to make YouTube and video production my main source of income, but the views just weren’t enough so I had to pick up some jobs to help manage the bills. Fast forward to today, I’m VP at a company where I started as the Marketing Manager (still got to produce videos for them) but I also have my YouTube channels and am a freelance video editor. So my YouTube story isn’t as star studded as others, but my YouTube channel has helped me build a portfolio of work that speaks for itself and has landed me jobs with clients.

How do you keep your audience engaged?

I’ve found that the more I ramble, the more I lose people. Some people like that type of video, but if you can keep your videos concise and on track (not necessarily short) you will draw people in. Also, loosen up a bit. I’m much more engaged in watching a video where the speaker is relaxed than one that is so rigged and unexpressive.

What do you think it’s most important when you’re looking for ways to engage with your audience?

Meet and engage your audience where they are at. There’s nothing wrong with posting on Instagram to check out your latest YouTube video, but you will find much more success posting your content natively to platforms rather than trying to force people to another platform. Upload content directly to Instagram, for Instagram viewers. Upload to YouTube, for YouTube viewers.

 What do you love most about working in this industry?

There’s so much flexibility working with YouTube and Instagram and even video in general. There are general “guidelines” but there are no real “rules.” You can design your content in any way that you’d like and make it reflect you as a person. The potential for creativity is nearly limitless.

 How do you stay current on all the shifts and innovations?

I don’t haha. I find it very hard to “keep up with the Joneses” in many aspects of life. Of course we should be somewhat invested in the field we are working in, but don’t stress out trying to make sure you are using the latest motion graphics, music, or editing techniques. You can have all the fanciest edits and graphics in the world but if you aren’t telling a good story, none of it means anything.

Have you noticed any positive or negative changes in your work since the pandemic?

I’ve actually seen positive growth online in terms of my freelancing video work and even YouTube. A lot of people were forced to move online to find solutions and there was a big gap that needed to be filled to show people how to move their platforms to video (Zoom, YouTube, Meetings, etc). I’ve heard countless stories of people who started YouTube channels or Instagram accounts during lockdowns and now those accounts give them a good amount of passive income per month and if they wouldn’t have been in lockdown, who knows if they would have ever created those accounts in the first place.

What’s the funniest story that comes to mind ever since you started working more indoors due to the pandemic?

It’s amazing the things you find to entertain yourself or to fill gaps whenever you are confined to staying at home most of the time….before the pandemic I would consider us a somewhat “normal” family. My wife and I have two girls, and a dog…well apparently that wasn’t enough because last year we added 24 quail and 10 chickens to our property and this year we are adding about 20 more chickens and two geese…I have no idea if this is a result of just being in the pandemic and looking for things to fill our time, but I NEVER in a million years would have guessed I would be raising quail, chicken, and geese. Yet here we are a year later doing just that. Haha.

What advice would you give for aspiring creators?

Be free to be yourself. Imposter syndrome is real but don’t be intimidated by it. Everyone has their own unique story to share. Don’t get caught up in the technical aspects of it all. If you are just starting out or relatively new to your platforms don’t go all crazy buying $5000 cameras when your phone in your pocket is more than enough to get your feet off the ground. Remember, I started my YouTube channel with an iPhone 4. 

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