Lift Her Up: Empowering Quotes for International Women’s Day

“Behind every successful man is a strong woman.” This is a term so common, it became pretty evidently true. Whether it is the gift of (unapologetic) meticulousness or unwavering passion, women get things done. 

In the light of the 21st century, some women still get flack…for being just the gender that they are. That sounds rather absurd, doesn’t it? Living in an era of digitization with ample information across the world wide web, education is truly key but without proper tools for awareness, how can we – as a society – spread the word of gender education revolving around the female gender symbol? Here are a few reasons of why we should and how we can help:

Reason #1: For the sake of equality, we can help empower women to build their own identity and life.

As the saying goes, “We only have one life.” Sure, we do – who wouldn’t want to live their own life as authentically as possible? It is only a human right for women to have the same equal rights to be a part of communities, and participate in areas of interests such as education, economics, and even politics. 

So, how can we help? It’s simple – remove biases and move on! It might seem easy, but it can be difficult for some not to judge. Whenever you feel or think like you’re judging someone based on their gender, congratulations! Self awareness is the first step to overcoming what is wrong and what is right. Once you’ve realized what you’re doing, take a step back and put logic into the situation – are you judging based on gender bias or the person’s skills, attitude, etc.? 

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Reason #2: When women are more confident, economic development increases.

According to the UN Women’s official website, Empowering women in the economy and closing gender gaps in the world of work are key to achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” [1].

When women are empowered, they will feel confident to lead the life they want and can independently feel secure in anything they do. Economic empowerment is significant in helping societies realize women’s rights and gender equality; it boosts productivity, increases a country’s economic power and diversification, income equality, and other development advantages and outcomes. 

How can we start empowering women, especially at a work setting? Voice out when you witness discrimination or unfair treatment – your voice matters as it can help out your fellow female colleague significantly and build her confidence at the same time. If confrontation isn’t your thing, report the incident and seek advice from your Human Resources Department. 

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Reason #3: It’s great for our future.

Women are the backbone of many successful endeavors, and also in raising our future leaders! Women empowerment is an essential component to raising happier, healthier children and  building communities while solidifying personalities, resulting in smart and sound individuals. 

When women live up to their full potential, they can help contribute to the workforce while upskilling at the same time. At a larger scale, this can help fuel positive social revolutions, economic development and sustainability, societal development, and achieve political balance – yasss, queen! 

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[1] UN Secretary General’s High Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment, Leave No One Behind: A Call to Action for Gender Equality and Women’s Economic Empowerment. Available at: