New Challenge: #pixlr #downtonabbey #fanart

Downton Abbey just kicked off their final season in the states, so it’s a ripe time for making fun images of the characters. We have to admit we’ve never dug very deep for #downtonabbey #fanart, but this seems like the right time. They’re all such rich characters that we’re certain we can have some fun with the plethora of promotional stills, screen captures, and fashion shoots of the show’s actors. In fact, we think this week we’re going to make a bunch of Downton fan art ourselves and post it in celebration of this lovely show that is refreshingly free of ultraviolence, guns, and reality-show wannabe superstars.
Why not join us? Use found Downton images to make something with any Pixlr app and tag it with all three hashtags #pixlr #downtonabbey #fanart. We’ll be on the lookout for your creative images. Of course, we know not everyone is a Downton Abbey fan, so we are also going to keep finding and featuring images tagged #pixlr this week, too. So, you have  a choice of joining in the specific challenge or just making something cool and tagging it #pixlr. We’re happy to dig through it all and find and feature the gems.
Do you use the Pixlr Desktop app? We used it in the images in this post. The beauty of this app is it gives you more control than the mobile app by letting you mask out areas where you want effects to be applied (or not applied). If you’ve never tried it, download it and give it a shot. It also lets you do neat things with text by applying layer styles like we did in this image with this Quote sticker: