New Challenge: #pixlr #wordpeek

We’ve been running photo challenges for a long time, but we haven’t done a lot with words. So this week, we want you to use the text features of Pixlr apps and add some words to your photos. But here’s the catch: We want you to experiment with the Eraser to give the illusion that your words blend in with the photo in some way. Then, tag your photos with hashtags #pixlr #wordpeek on Instagram so we can find and feature them on Instagram and our Made with Pixlr feeds.
What do we mean by this? Well, you can add any word or words to your photo and then use the Eraser (formerly known as the History Brush before the Pixlr 3.0 launch) to wipe away parts of your letters. Like we did with this Russian language photo that’s all about winter:
winter copy
One suggestion for this kind of photo is to use an inspirational quote but have a bit of the text peek behind an element in your photo. It’s a neat trick that’s easy to do:
hope copy
Another neat trick is to take a photo of a sunset (or any landscape with the sky visible) and lay a snippet of text (or just a big word) on top but cut off the bottom of the text at the horizon line, like we did with this photo of an island in the distance after we added some space effects:
tobe copy
Another idea to consider: song lyrics. You can add big blocks of text if you want — although you may want to find that online and copy and paste it unless you really love typing out all those lyrics. We did that with this text from that old Roy Rogers tune Happy Trails: