New Challenge: #pixlrcollage

We’re continually surprised at how people use the Pixlr Collage feature in new and novel ways. We ran a #pixlrcollage challenge many months ago, and we still fondly remember all the neat and surprising things people made for that challenge. We’ve decided to do it again. We feel like we barely scratched the surface with the last #pixlrcollage challenge.
What can you make with collage? 
The mind boggles at the possibilities. You can take 5 or 6 images (or heck, up to 25 if you’re up for it) and turn it into a nice collage on a theme — say photos of your vacation to New York. You can create a cool, atmospheric look by stacking photos on top of each other and removing all space between the photos:
That’s a fairly straightforward way to use collage. Or, you can take one photo and upload it multiple times, edit each one in a different way if you like, rotate or flip the images, and then piece it all together as something completely abstract and different. This collage of one photo from a recent backpacking trip is ultimately just made up of one single photo:
Some people like to take one photo and upload it multiple times and piece it together as if it were one photo. We often think of this as a “windowpane” effect. Some people like to just take one photo and repeat it in various ways:
One thing is for sure: Whatever you make with collage is probably going to surprise us. You don’t have to get crazy for this challenge, but if you are the type of person who goes for the abstract, we’d be happy to see it. Tag your images #pixlrcollage on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and Facebook. We’ll feature the best on our Instagram feed and here on our blog. You’ll get thousands of likes, and we’ll all get a stream of cool images this week.