New Pixlr Challenge: multiple #autocontrast

There’s a way to use effects in Pixlr apps that is probably not thought of by most people but that is very useful in some situations: doubling or tripling up on an effect.  If you want to go strong on a look, reapplying an effect multiple times can create something pretty unique. This week, we’re going super strong on one particular option: Autocontrast.
Essentials feature: Autocontrast
Autocontrast is a relatively new effect added to Pixlr mobile a few months back with the release of Pixlr 2.5. It’s available for Essentials users, and it’s sort of like autofix but it focuses on the details of light and dark in an image. It works great when used once to improve some images, but it has an unexpected and interesting effect when used two or three or even four times. It makes an image take on an HDR (high dynamic range)) look. See the difference in this image we took this weekend at Emerald City Comic Con that was run through Autocontrast multiple times. As you can see, the subtle details in this helmet get intensified dramatically after multiple autocontrast applications.
Bonus tip: autocontrast + color saturation = faux HDR 
There’s another change you can make to make images look even cooler, which we also did to this image: bump up the saturation. You’ll find in Adjustments > Color > Saturation. These used in conjunction give you a super distressed but colorful look. It’s not at all realistic — but it sure does look cool on the right images.
So that’s our challenge this week. We can’t wait to see how you tackle it. Tag your images #autocontrast and share what you edit for this challenge on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. We’ll be on the lookout across our social feeds for these hashtags all week long. The reward? Pure glory. We’ll be featuring our favorites on our feeds throughout Sunday, including on this blog.
Ready to make something? If you don’t have an Essentials account, you can sign up for one for free. And here’s a quick video that shows you where to find these options: