Pixlr Challenge: Antiqued Flora

From time to time, we like to challenge our users to make something on a particular theme or style. This time around, we want to see photos of old flowers. We’re calling this the #pixlr #flora challenge.
Any interesting close-up photos of flowers will work. If you can edit your photo to make it look old or as if it’s from a bygone era — even better. We’ll feature the best of these Antique Flora photos all week long on our social feeds, including right here on this blog.
To join in, tag your photo #pixlr #flora on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. We’ll be on the lookout across our social feeds for these hashtags all week.
Need some inspiration? Check out the latest video from Susan Tuttle, one of our favorite photographers. She shows you how she makes Antique Flora photos using Pixlr Desktop. The overlays and effects she uses are also located in Pixlr mobile apps. We can almost guarantee that if you simply follow her proven recipe, you’ll end up with a beautiful close-up photo of a flower. And then share it with us!

It doesn’t matter which of our apps you use. And feel free to stray a bit from the topic and get creative. We always like to see that happen.