Pixlr Creeps it Real with these Spooky Halloween Elements 

The spookiest holiday is upon us – how excited are you to celebrate Halloween?

With the pandemic continuously haunting us these past two years, this upcoming Halloween may be the the most “normal” one we’ll get to experience after so long.

This year’s Halloween will resemble the spooktastic festival that we have come to know and love, as all outdoor and social activities are in full swing. From haunted houses, to horror fests, trick-and-treats, and pumpkin carvings, you name it – we’ll have it!

Introducing: Pixlr’s new Halloween-themed elements!

We know just how thrilled you are to embrace these events. Hence, Pixlr is here to help you in creating the most horror-filled posters and creepy visuals to announce (and promote) the celebrations! Design your Halloween-themed posters with Pixlr’s endless range of spooky elements.

Toon Fest

These graphic elements mimic the cartoon-styled animations that we have become extremely familiar with. These elements can evoke not only chills down your audience’s spines but also evoke childhood nostalgia within them.

Comic Relief 

 True to its name, these Halloween-themed stickers are meant to spook and tickle you with laughter at the same time! Think of exaggerated, yet lovable Halloween characters drawn in comic-style – this graphic brings you the exact vision. It is meant to humor the audience, and if you want to emphasize “fun” in your Halloween posters, these graphics are just the right choices!


These cute (yet sinister) graphics are perfect for creating eye-catching Halloween posters. Not only do they lure the viewers’ eyes deeper into your visuals, they also attract them with their vibrant color schemes. These graphics are guaranteed to instill a quirky, fun-filled vibe onto your posters.


If you thought the previous graphics are already cute, well, let Pixlr take you into another level of adorableness. This wholesome, fang-tastic creatures are here to make your Halloween all the more special. These skull elements double up your posters’ cuteness with a combination of simplified vectors, geometric shapes and flat colors.

Create the most bone-chilling visuals yet with Pixlr

Give Pixlr’s Halloween elements a try today! We promise that you will not regret it. Embrace Halloween and all the horrors it comes with equipped with the right graphics, stickers, and many other design elements. Create your spooky posters with ease, as Pixlr assists you to achieve new creative heights.