Pixlr Express for Android 2.2: Now with Stylize

Hey, Android users: Ready to add some serious style to your photos? We’re happy to announce that the Stylize feature — much loved by iOS users since we introduced it with iOS7 — is now available for Android. You can update your app and start using it any time.
What is Stylize? It’s a way to take your photos and turn them into works of art. See how we took a frankly ho-hum photo of the Golden Gate Bridge we took last week on our trip to the Farallones Islands and turned it into something much more beautiful — almost like a travel poster:
With Stylize, your photos can take on the look of pencil drawings, silkscreen prints, dappled dabs of color, polygonal construction, rough sketches, halftone dots, posterizing, cross-hatching, watercolors, india ink, and lithographs. Don’t forget to put the perfect border on your stylized images. It can make your work of art even artier.
These creative, non-photorealistic effects are something we’ve had requests for over time, and we’re thrilled to be bringing them to the Android version. You’ll find them in the Adjustments menu, and you can use the effects in combination with other effects — even in a collage if you want. We encourage you to dive in and try it out. In fact, we’d love to see what kinds of art you make with this new feature. Share your Stylized pics on Twitter with the hashtag #pixlr #stylize or just point them directly to us by tweeting to @pixlr. We’ll return the favor and send you one of our own stylized images.