Pixlr Rewind: Bringing Back Fan Favorites

usa flag
Every once in awhile, we dig up an old content pack from the past and bring it back. We’re calling it Pixlr Rewind. Today, we’re bring back an old fan favorite — a pack of flag overlays.
We’ve been watching the 2016 Olympics in Rio this past week, and we can see the 2016 Paralympics on the horizon next month, and all of this Olympic fever reminded us of the pack of flag overlays we made for the last World Cup event a few years back. We thought this would be a great time to dig up that content pack and add it to Autodesk Pixlr. In fact, we thought it would be best to add it to the app permanently for anyone out there who likes flags — whether you’re a soccer fan or just a fan of a particular country. You’ll find it in the Overlays on Pixlr for Mac/PC, Pixlr for iOS/Android, and Pixlr Express on the web.
This content pack doesn’t contain every flag from every country out there, but we know that our users love content packs — especially packs from the past that only ran for a limited time. Do you have a fan favorite pack from the past that you’d like to see make a comeback? Shout out to us on Twitter.