Smarter, Faster & Easier with Pixlr 2021

New Year, New Pixlr

That’s right! Ranging from edgy new features to refined AI-powered background removal, the Pixlr 2021 update is tailored to all your graphic design and photo editing needs. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the new Pixlr release!

Streamlined Interface

The new Pixlr layout focuses on a “Design First” workflow, allowing quick access to your latest projects and recommended templates.

Smarter Tools

Your favorite AI Cutout is now 10 times faster and more precise. One click is all it takes to seamlessly remove backgrounds from your photos. You no longer need to spend up to an hour getting rid of remnants and refining edges with the Draw Mask. 

Background removal

By removing a busy background, your image will more likely make an impact, giving your audience a clear focal point thus immediately capturing their attention.

It also opens up new creative avenues for users. For instance, you can easily create surreal composites by cutting out a whale from and placing it against a new background of clouds. Or you can add flowers in the foreground of your portrait to create the illusion of standing in a flower field. The possibilities are endless!

Faster Editing

With the latest update, you can now select multiple layers on canvas, copy and paste a group of layers in the same project or to another project.

On Pixlr E, you’re able to quickly drag and drop a layer from the layer box to another tab. On Pixlr X, the Adjust segment has 3 new Quick Fix features – Auto, B&W and Pop, reducing the average editing time without compromising quality. 

From finding the right stock images with our Pixlr Creative Pack to editing photos and creating visuals, you can now get everything done in one place!

Easier Content Creation

Pixlr 2021 has various stunning templates of all dimensions for you to choose from. So, instead of creating social media posts from scratch, you can now save lots of time by using our ready-made templates!

Ranging from pastel floral stickers to space-inspired overlays, we have them all! Our now-expanded asset library has 4,000+ overlays, 5,000+ decorative texts, 7,000+ icons and stickers.

Stickers & overlays

Cooler Features

If you’re looking for edgy elements that have the wow factor, then Pixlr 2021 is definitely for you! Because not only do we have a Frame tool on Pixlr E, we also have 2 brand new sections on Pixlr X – Glitch Studio and Focus Studio. 

Glitch Studio has 4 presets you can pick from and a random button that generates unlimited glitch variations. With some Color Split and a little Slicer, you can turn any boring portrait into an edgy, futuristic artwork. Or, you can create a retro TV effect by using Scanlines and Interference. 

Focus Studio is a game changer for many photographers as it allows you to easily create realistic depth of field and add various beautiful bokeh effects to your images.

Looking to jazz up the text in your designs? Well, you’re in luck because Pixlr 2021 comes with brand new text features, such as Gradient Text and Pattern Text. But nothing is quite as revolutionary as the highly requested Curve Text – you can create an arc, a circle or even waves.

Curve, gradient & pattern text styles

Better Experience

Say goodbye to tedious tasks and boring edits, say hello to AI-powered photo editing and content creation filled with pristine, easy-to-use tools and fun, edgy features. Say hello to Pixlr 2021!