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Erase Imperfections like a Pro with Pixlr’s Heal Tool

Have you ever taken that almost perfect shot, but there’s just that one annoying little flaw that’s bugging you? Fear not! In this blog, we’re going to explore the magic of Pixlr’s Heal Tool, a simple yet powerful photo editing feature that will help you turn those imperfect shots into flawless masterpieces. So, grab a

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Personal Branding: A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Profile Pictures

It is impossible to deny the tremendous impact that social media has on us. Its vice-like grip on our daily lives can be proven by the recent statistics of Kepios, stating a total of 4.7 billion social media users is present by July 2022 – this equates to over 59% of the global population, with

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5 Popular Instagram Photo Editing Trends You Should Hop On

Nine months into 2021, and the pandemic situation is still looking dire in certain parts of the world. Creatives, graphic designers, and photographers have been forced to pause their normal lives and thrusted into a world of stay-at-home orders. Undeniably, this isn’t the best thing for our artistic expression. Nonetheless, we at Pixlr are still

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