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Pixlr hits the top on Andreesen Horowitz’s List of Top 50 GenAI Web Products!

In an era where the digital landscape is being rapidly reshaped by artificial intelligence, the rise of Generative AI (GenAI) Web Products stands at the forefront of this transformative wave. As we venture deeper into this modern age of AI technology, the emergence of GenAI has marked a revolutionary step in how we interact with

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Create Magic with Pixlr 2022’s Heal Tool

Take your photo-editing craft to the next level with Pixlr’s latest Heal Tool!   Avid photo editors worldwide, we have come bearing good news to you all – Pixlr has now dropped its coolest, most intriguing feature yet; the Heal Tool. With this update, you can magically remove any unwanted objects from your images without

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Animate Your Artwork with Pixlr 2022

Are you ready to try out Pixlr’s cutting-edge Animation feature? Calling all content creators worldwide, you’ll be very pleased to know that you can now animate your content within seconds with Pixlr‘s latest feature. Say goodbye to static and flat imagery! With the Animation feature, you can now bring your artworks to life.  Animated content

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