This Week Every Photo Tagged #pixlr4nepal Is $1 for Nepal

Like so many people across the world, our team was devastated to hear about the earthquake in Nepal. So many people in Nepal — truly one of the world’s special places — are struggling to piece together their lives and belongings after a difficult tragedy. We wondered: What can we do to help?
Join us in donating up to $20,000!
Autodesk has a history of philanthropy, and we were thrilled to learn a few days ago that the Pixlr team has been given the ability to donate $10,000 to Build Change, a charity who is sending engineers to Nepal to help the nation recover and prevent such a disaster from happening again in the region. Even better, the Autodesk Foundation has agreed to match our $10,000 donation (for a potential total of $20,000). If you’re not familiar with them, the Autodesk Foundation does good work every day to help design disaster-resistant homes and environmentally friendly buildings. They also step in to help with disaster relief when it happens — like now.
We were ecstatic to learn about our donation options. We’re thankful to work for such a forward-thinking company. But it made us wonder: What can we do to really help get the word out? How can we maximize this donation and convince more people to join us in donating?
A challenge for our community
Let’s harness our creativity to take some photos this week, share them with our friends and family, and keep awareness up for people in Nepal who will need a lot of ongoing help. We’re kicking aside the regular weekly Pixlr Photo Challenge for a good cause. We want you to make your photo on the theme “Message for Nepal” and share it on social media with the hashtag #pixlr4nepal. For each photo you tag on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Flickr, we’ll donate $1. The more photos you take and share, the more we’ll donate — up to $20,000. It’s a simple, measurable way you can make a difference and encourage others to give, too. Simply put, 20,000 hashtags = $20,000.
What will you make? It’s entirely up to you. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Use the fonts in Pixlr: If you’re message is one of “Hope” you can write it out with a font.
  • Take a photo: Praying hands, words written on skin, the beauties of nature — tons of photo ideas are around if you look for them.
  • Quotations, thoughts: Dig up an appropriate quotation and add it to your photo. Or if you have an inspirational prayer to offer, include it in the description of your photo.
  • Photos of Nepal: There are lots of resources out there where you can get royalty-free photos. Flickr’s The Commons is one place to find such photos. Find a photo of Nepal (e.g., Mt. Everest) and edit it in an interesting way.
  • What you’re giving: If you’re donating and want to take a photo of your donation — that works, too.
  • Use Pixlr Editor: If you’ve got a more complex idea and the skills to pull it off, use our graphic design app Pixlr Editor.

Or, just share a beautiful photo you’ve taken that shows how you feel. Any creative, insightful, or inspirational message you’d like to share works. If you’re really inspired, make two! Or three!

Lantern on the beach at the lake

Lantern on the beach at the lake

Any photo that’s tagged counts for donation purposes, but we’ll be featuring the absolute best photos and edits people make on our social feeds. Will we make it to our $20,000 goal? With your help, we will.