This Week's Challenge: #pixlrsecondsunset

What is a Second Sunset?

Second sunset is a spectacular natural light display that occurs at the magical hour (approx. 20~30 min) after the sun starts to set. This phenomenon is caused by the scattering of light waves by the cloud, thus giving you an almost ethereal watercolor effect like this picture here:

second sunset photo by Cavin Agustanto

Photo credits: Cavin Agustanto

So how do you take a second sunset picture? Here’s 3 tips for you.

Tip 1: Look for clouds
To get the effect above, you need clouds — specifically scattered, wispy clouds. The wispier the clouds, the better the effects. Watch out for rainy mornings or afternoons as that means it’s very likely for wispy clouds to form by the time the sun sets.
Tip 2: Be patient
Patience is a virtue you need in order to capture a great second sunset photo. Wait for 20~30 mins after the sun starts to set. This will let you have the best opportunity to take that shot!
Tip 3: Compose the picture
Photo composition separates a good picture from great! So don’t be shy and try out new angles. Also, try composing the picture to include the surrounding landscape.

That’s it! Now, go forth and shoot.

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