3 Halloween Packs for Pixlr Mobile & Web

Tis the season for blood, guts, and gore. And cute pumpkins!
Yes, it’s that time of year again: Time for us to give our users a grab bag of Halloween photo bling to help celebrate the long, dark, candy-filled night of the soul. As in past years, we have three packs to get you in the mood for Halloween.  The Veils pack has some dark and moody overlays that will work well with portraits. Adjust the opacity and flip or rotate them to make them work with your photo. Spooked is a set of borders. Many of them — like the house silhouette scene above — would work great as the backdrop for a Halloween-style card. Pox is a set of stickers with traditional Halloween slogans, stitches, blood stains, and even some flying bat silhouettes that will work great on just about any photo.
If you’re a fan of seasonal packs, we hope you dig this Halloween set. It’s got a few fan favorites from past years tucked in there among the new ones. Creep out!