Video: The Art of Evan Brown


Not too long ago, we interviewed Evan Brown to find out more about the amazing multiple exposure collages he makes using only his phone. He probably does more with Pixlr on an Android device than we’ve ever seen anyone do before. He takes images and builds them up again and again using the Double Exposure feature until his dozens of images turn into beautifully rich, detailed collages. We asked Evan to record his workflow so you can see exactly how he goes about creating these amazing images. We then turned that into a video with a bit of voice-over and tips so you can learn how to make something similar:


It’s all done without Blending Modes
It’s first and foremost impressive that phones have gotten to the point that you can build up and edit dozens upon dozens of images in one file. All apps have their limits, but thanks to the continued evolution of smartphones Pixlr can handle quite a bit. What’s even more impressive to us is how Evan seems to do all of this without even using Blending Modes. If you’re not familiar with Blending Modes, they are available to Pixlr Essentials and Pro members and let you blend two photos together more seamlessly (or just in different ways). We encourage you to try blending modes, but if you want to do it just like Evan did, you can skip blending modes. It’s really all about experimenting with images until you end up with something you like.

Can anyone make these kinds of collages? 
You bet they can. In fact, after making this video we were inspired to make a few of our own. Here’s one we made with a set of images we took on a recent vacation camping in Joshua Tree National Park:

As you can see, we took a few key photos and simply repeated them again and again. It’s really as simple as taking a handful of photos and working very patiently — as you would to create nearly any kind of art:

Want to make one of these? Please do and point it out to us! We’ll feature the best ones on our Twitter and Instagram feeds.