15 Pinterest Pin Templates To Level Up Your Pinterest Game 

Being the backbone for visual inspiration, Pinterest is the sole, dominating social platform that functions as a discovery engine for creative ideas – ranging from design, illustration, fashion, culinary and more. The site offers billions of interesting pictures and videos that are called “Pins”, as it encourages users to pin visuals that intrigue them onto their own boards. They can also upload their own images and share them as pins with others.

Pinterest is a game-changer when it comes to being an abundant resource of ideas needed to spark inspiration. For years, designers, artists, and stylists alike rely on this platform to create personalized mood boards and find visual references.

If you are interested in designing your own Pinterest pins but don’t know how not to worry – Pixlr is here for you. With our professionally designed templates, you can have your own aesthetic pin in no time. Browse below for the options available.

Food/Recipe Pins

One intriguing aspect of Pinterest is how it can curate the recipes of the most aesthetically pleasing meals and desserts that are easy to make. The platform allows users to be updated on what is currently trendy – as they can even find the recipes of viral TikTok foods on Pinterest. This allows easy access to users that are enthusiastic about baking and cooking, as Pinterest often provides reels and videos apart from the written recipes.

If you are a content creator specializing in cooking and are eager to attract more traffic to your social media platforms, you can try uploading your recipes onto Pinterest. Give it a try and see how you can capture the right demographics thanks to Pinterest’s algorithm.

Workout Plan Pins

Naturally, Pinterest’s selection of resources is not limited to creative purposes only, you can even find content related to a healthy lifestyle, from a balanced diet to meal prep tutorials, workout routines, and many more. Hence, if you are keen on sharing your workout regime with your followers while still effortlessly maintaining your aesthetic, utilize these templates below.

You can share your journey to a better, healthier, and long-lasting life with ease as Pixlr offers these attention-grabbing yet visually pleasing templates for you to customize as you please.

Marketing Tips and Tricks

With Pinterest’s never-ending options of pins, it’s no surprise that you can find free education-related content for free on the platform. Though it’s quite a niche segment on Pinterest, there’s absolutely no fault in trying to gain an audience by posting informative content, especially ones that are related to digital marketing.

Considering it is a hot, trending topic for small business owners, e-sellers, and entrepreneurs alike, useful marketing tips and tricks can help you connect with your followers as you educate them to reach new heights and milestones for free. Utilize these templates below for a fool-proof visual that is guaranteed to stand out.


With the countless attractive visuals available, it would be a shame to not leverage Pinterest’s function as the hub of mood boards. As this is often the main purpose why people use the app, you can take advantage of that by creating your own aesthetic mood boards.

It can be a mood board for films, literature, wardrobe inspirations, albums, or fandoms. There is no limit on what you can make a mood board of. With Pixlr, you can let your creative ideas flow as we already provide the most artistic templates, hence reducing the editing process to mere minutes.

Aesthetic Portrait Collage

If you would like to celebrate recent events, your family trips, or even simply show off your outfits, you can utilize the following collage templates. These designs let you include several portraits and arrange them accordingly, making them look all the more attractive.

Of course, you can include other items besides portraits too, such as the color schemes of the portraits, decorative objects, and textured backgrounds. With Pixlr‘s vast sources of creative elements, you can never run out of options.

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