20 FREE Premium Facebook and Instagram Story Templates for Content Creators

Made by Creators for Creators

A story a day makes your audience stay! Posting stories on a daily basis helps boost your social media engagement on Facebook and Instagram by building familiarity with your followers.  

However, spending too much time and effort on creating stories that will only disappear after 24 hours is counter-productive. The smarter way to do this? Templates. Just find a design or layout that you can work with, and modify it. Less hassle, more time for quality content.

We’ve picked 20 FREE Premium Facebook / Instagram Story Templates designed by professional Pixlr creators to help you speed up your daily story creation. No strings attached. 

Pick a template ➡ Load it up on Pixlr X or E  ➡ Customize in clicks!

These templates are available in the perfect FB/IG story image size of 1080 x 1920 (aspect ratio 9:16), and cover lifestyle posts and quotes, product highlights, and more. Check them out: 

New Post

Inspirational Quotes



These premium templates are only available till July 27, 2021, but what you can do is load them up on Pixlr and save them for future edits. Now, let’s create some beautiful stories together!


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