4 Different Perspectives of Minimalist iPhoneography

Minimalism is all about freedom. Unburdening as you discard unnecessary things. If you embrace the idea of “less is more,” try adopting minimalism in your mobile photography. It puts the focus on a central idea with “breathing room” around the subject. It can be a person, place or a thing — otherwise known as a noun!
sources: quote | iPhone photo credit: Enrique Abarca
Minimalism in photography is fairly broad. It can be soft, dramatic, and most often it doesn’t make any sense. But if it provokes interest, then you’ve done it. There aren’t any hardcore rules to what you need to shoot or how you shoot it. Check out these four different dedicated styles in iPhoneography to get some inspiration.

The works of Enrique Abarca | iPhoneographer

I like the variety of works of Enrique Abarca simply for his artistic stretch in modern art. Some of it is stunning or just plain weird, but you still want to look at it. Many of his photos tend toward the dramatic, while other pieces draw you in for no particular reason. Most artists have a specific range of style-trends. My favorite from Enrique are these shots of faces tightly bound or mostly covered in the “white space.” Follow Enrique Abarca on Instagram @seis.dobleu.

The works of Laura E. Pritchett | iPhoneographer

I can’t express enough how I love her mix of stillness and movement, objects and people. She’s a natural, and I’ve fallen head over heels in love with her (both) calm and exciting work. Perusing her instagram feed, @bythebrush, you’ll notice some style-trends. I’ve chosen two to portray here, although she’s just got so much to love. In addition to her beautiful iPhoneography, she is also a painter and uses her shots in painting. Definitely worth taking a peek.

The works of Dhavebaj Anupabsthian | iPhoneographer

Minimalism doesn’t automatically equal no editing. Dhavebaj delivers some highly modern, highly patterned shots to the spectrum of minimalism. Although very busy shots, they still fall into the minimalistic theme. What do you think of these works? Personally, I love the modern art appeal. Follow Dehavebaj on instagram: @dhavebaj.

The works of Hynek Hampl | iPhoneographer

iPhoneographer Hynek Hampl brings mystic perspectives to a variety of roads disappearing in to the distance. In addition to many beautifully shot landscapes that seem to mostly take place at dawn, I notice a series of silhouettes at sunset. See if you can spot a bit of Instagram humor in the mix. Go check him out @hynecheck.
As you can see, there are many different kinds of visions in minimalist iPhoneography. While it is clearly an art form of its own, there aren’t many rules that bind you to any sort of structure. As you look at each artist you uncover who celebrate minimalism, you will notice their work gradually takes on a clearer and clearer style. These people tend to make it a point to be repetitive, honing their techniques to create small masterpieces, playing with new methods of presenting the things they love.
About the author: Molly Bermea is an Autoimmune-Paleo food creator, urban gardener, photographer, iPhoneographer, artist, blog writer, wife and mom of two little beasties (humanoid children)… oh, and she likes to run, swim and bike. She lives in the fabulous, all-season, Southern Oregon area and works from home. Find her on Facebook, Instagram and over at her new blogsite, ChronicFrenzy.com (Autoimmune Paleo & Lifestyle).