New Photo Challenge: #pixlr #currentlyreading


Special thanks to former Pixlr contest winner @sohinikumar for the photo of reading in bed.

“What are you reading?” It’s something we ask of good friends, passing acquaintances. Maybe even strangers on a train. (It’s a pretty good pick-up line for English majors.)
This week, we want to know what you’re reading. Summer is almost (finally?) over, so maybe you’ve dispensed with the tawdry beach reading and are hunkered down with a classic novel. Or maybe you can’t spend any more time than breezing through a style magazine. Maybe you’re stuck on one especially poignant haiku and can’t stop reading those 17 syllables over and over again. Take a photo of whatever is occupying your reading mind space and share it with both hashtags #pixlr #currentlyreading onĀ Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or Flickr. We’ll find and feature the most creative.
A few tips:

  • Creativity matters: What you’re reading doesn’t have to be in book form. It can be found text. A passive-aggressive note. A beautifully handwritten letter. A religious pamphlet. Anything that has something interesting to say.
  • Context counts: You can create an especially fetching still life around what you’re reading by composing a scene that fits your reading material. If you’re reading an Agatha Christie novel, set up a nightstand or coffee table with a tableaux of items that fit your book: a magnifying glass, candles, a noose. (!)
  • So many people have made the jump to reading solely on a Kindle or tablet. Does that change your reading habits? Do you read in different places now? The setting of reading for you might be completely different than it used to be. How might you photograph that?
  • Your photo might only be half the story. Feel free to include text in your description about why you love/hate/aren’t sure about what you’re currently reading.