5 Cool Christmas-Themed Templates To Try this Season

Celebrate the festive season with the merriest templates in town!

Now that the holiday season is upon us, you may already be giddy with excitement – impatiently waiting for the moment you can gather with your loved ones and exchange gifts this Christmas. After all, what matters more than creating sweet, yet unforgettable memories with your family members this festive season?

To really capture the right moments and share your special celebration this year, why not use Pixlr‘s latest addition to its vast library of assets: Christmas-themed templates! Amp up your social media game and showcase just how unique your Christmas traditions can be with these customizable yet funky templates.

A Winter Wonderland

True to its name, winter wonderland templates serve Christmas 2022 with elegance, minimalism, and a classy layout. It allows you to display your range of Christmas pictures while ensuring that they will look stunning together, still. It can even work as your mood board inspiration too when it comes to organizing your very own Christmas parties or dinners.

A Cozy Christmas

Gaining popularity in recent years, cottagecore is definitely the perfect aesthetic to adapt to during Christmas time. As its concept romanticizes life in secluded landscapes, becoming one with nature through farming, gardening, and baking, cottagecore should be your artistic direction when capturing your Christmas moments. This especially works wonders if your hometown is already in a rural area, therefore even accentuating that “cottage vibes” on your social media posts.

A Christmas Collage Supreme

Nothing can go wrong with the traditional collage layout for a merry Christmas. What makes it so good is how classic and familiar it is, hence feel free to use the above templates if you are feeling nostalgic. This layout will work especially well for Christmas card designs too as family greetings will need a variety of photo collages to really showcase each individual family member and friend.

Glittery Christmas Special

If you are feeling fancy this festive season, sparkle up your story posts with these glittering and bejeweled templates. These designs help you emphasize the Christmas light decorations that you have spent so many hours on! Show off that dazzling Christmas decor and share just how much you love this holiday with your followers.

Pixlr also understands just how vital the holiday season is for small business owners, as this is their chance to make their brand presence stronger and gain a larger customer base online. Hence, we have specifically designed Christmas-themed templates catered towards small business owners to help them create greetings and sales posts with ease on social media.

This the Season  

With cute, vector illustrations on the rise, it’s no wonder if you would like to adapt this design style to your Christmas posts. Make your Christmas ten times cuter with these templates that contain simple yet adorable illustrations that truly get your personality across. Using doodles and shapes alike, these templates will stand out from the rest as it focuses on the “kawaii” aesthetic instead of the usual cluttered festive design.

What are you waiting for? Make your Christmas 2022 all the more special with Pixlr Templates

Clearly, there’s no better time than now to head to Pixlr and choose a template design of your liking. When the holiday comes, you will be more than ready to take it head-on and show off your Christmas spirit! Get festive and share the core memories made this season of giving with Pixlr Templates.

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