5 Festive Color Palettes to Use in Your Designs This Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and it’s not complete without some beautiful festive colors to brighten up the holiday season. 

Tis’ the season to spruce up your designs with some of Pixlr’s Christmas color palettes. Ranging from traditional reds and greens to modern mixtures of teal and mauve, these color palettes are bound to elevate the Christmas spirit and bring holiday cheer!    

So what are Christmas colors? 

For decades, red, green and white have been synonymous with the festive season. Red is made prominent by red holly berries and Santa Claus, green is associated with mistletoe and pine trees, and white is the color of snow. 

But this year’s Christmas colors are more than just your typical red, green and white. Here, at Pixlr, we’ve combined tradition with pop culture in our festive color mixing bowl and created 5 stunning Christmas color palettes. So let’s dash right into it! 

1. Kevin McCallister’s Christmas

Nothing says “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal!” quite as loudly as this Home Alone-inspired color palette does. The reds and greens might be the heroes of this palette, but they aren’t really complete without a dash of sandy beige. 

Warm, inviting and versatile, this color palette can be used for almost anything, ranging from product packaging and greeting cards to digital illustrations and social media posts.

2. The Polar Express

Consisting of deep dark blues and a tinge of cream, this color palette is dreamy, luxurious and elegant. If you’re looking to veer away from the typical red and green combo for your designs, this color combination of navy blue, sapphire and lapis lazuli is the one for you. Timeless and magical, it’s perfect for anything related to fashion, beauty and travel.

3. Cocoa Cider

With warm reds and holly green paired with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a splash of milk, this color palette is as if hot cocoa and apple cider got married and had a child together. It’s synonymous to waking up on Christmas morning wrapped in a cozy blanket with a cup of hot chocolate in hand. 

We think this palette would be ideal for food and beverage brands as these colors can be heavily utilized in event posters, holiday promo ads and party invitations.

4. Holidate Night

Fun, flirty and sensational, this color palette is the epitome of a memorable New Year’s Eve party with champagne, glitter, satin dresses and disco balls. With pastel pink, soft turquoise and mauve, this palette is definitely not your traditional holiday color combo. 

Perfect for fashion and beauty brands, this palette can be easily translated into social media posts, website banners, holiday ads and so on.

5. Gingerbread Cookie Dough

Filled with neutral tones and chocolatey goodness, this yummy color palette is definitely going to be a crowd pleaser this holiday season. 

Its brown tones are reminiscent of gingerbread and hot cocoa, or even firewood and pine cones. This is why we think this color scheme not only goes well with cafes, restaurants and catering businesses, but it also works with home decor and lifestyle brands.

Start creating festive cheer with Pixlr today! 

Now that we’ve shown you our specially curated festive color palettes, feel free to use them in your social media posts or greeting cards this holiday season and have yourself a holly jolly Christmas!