5 Creative Fall Photo Shoot & Photo Editing Ideas

Bid summer farewell and say hello to cooler weather and knitted sweaters. There’s truly no better season that can represent growth, maturity and warmth than fall. 

If you are looking for inspiration to get your creative juices flowing this autumn, we have just the right visuals for you. Let us guide you through this captivating collection of fall photo shoot and photo editing ideas! 

Stunning autumnal collage created with Pixlr E

What makes an autumn shot?

For starters, you may wonder what exactly can be considered a fall-inspired photo. Let us give you a clue; it’s all about the colors!

You have to be careful in selecting just the right hues and tones to convey fall in your photos. For one, the chosen shades must simultaneously give off vibrancy yet also a bit of coolness that comes with fall.

Young red border collie dog playing with leaves in autumn by ksuksa, 123RF.

Simply put, you may want to narrow your focus into the following colors; yellow, orange and brown in capturing the beauty of autumn. 

Also, don’t forget to include the very elements that embody the season itself, such as golden leaves drying, pumpkin-spiced lattes and even jack-o’-lanterns  in your edits. 

Now without further ado, let us begin to inspire you with fall-based photo shoots and edits!

  1. Showcase your fashion this fall 
Artistic photography of autumnal landscape by kharchenko, 123RF.

As cliche as it may sound, one can never go wrong with using a subject downed in flowy dresses placed in an eye-catching fall scenery. As pictured above, it is clear how the silky black fabric compliments the fall colors. 

However, if you really want to bring out the brilliance of fall colors, it’s advisable to adjust the levels and curves of your photo. This is to achieve a warmer tone and bring out different shades of orange – the perfect fall color. 

You can also add a visual interest by adding an overlay of falling leaves to enhance the illusion of a windy autumn afternoon. After all, a little extra foliage won’t hurt anyone.

The process of editing said picture can be seen below, complete with its final rendition. 

Editing process with Pixlr E.
Final rendition of fall-themed fashion shoot, made with Pixlr E.

  1. Pumpkin it up 
Carved pumpkin portrait by Rick Monteiro.

What is autumn without Halloween? So why not incorporate famous aspects of this fun yet horror-filled celebration into your fall photoshoot. Just like the picture above, you can start with something spooky albeit simple. 

As for the editing, we’d recommend playing around with effects and adjusting the image’s brilliance and brightness. For instance, you can add a minimal bokeh effect (see below) – making soft, out-of-focus lights appear in your photos. 

Glowing pumpkin with bokeh effect, made with Pixlr E .

  1. Capturing the warmth of fall 
Vibrant top view of summer transitioning to autumn edited with Pixlr E.

Getting a unique perspective in showing the transition of the leaves’ colors changing from green to faded yellow is always a foolproof technique. Such composition would really show the translation from summer to autumn – which would further enunciate just how pretty fall can be. 

With the right framing and cropping, coupled with some minor adjustment in hue and saturation, the fall colors within the image can be doubled up, making them all the more attractive. 

Warm fall forest edited with Pixlr E.

  1. Melancholic autumns
Moody autumn scenery edited with Pixlr E.

Vibrancy and warmness aside, autumn is also widely known for its chilly winds and moody vibes – so if you’d like to take a drastic turn and bring out the melancholic side of fall, we got you covered too. 

Tweak your images’ contrast, brightness and hue in obtaining that sentimental, almost gloomy autumn look. This is also an effective way in making your images somewhat dramatic, almost ominous even, depending on how big the changes you make. 

Spooky autumnal edit made with Pixlr E.

Taking it up a notch by adding some extra spookiness would also be a great way to illustrate just how excited you are for autumn this year. In line with the viral ghost trend on TikTok, in which people are draping white sheets with two eye holes over themselves and posing for Halloween, you can do so too. 

Just be sure to edit them with autumn on your mind –  hence even though there’s a hint of eeriness and gloom, fall colors can also come through in your photo edits.  

  1. Fall in love – with collages
Surreal autumnal collage made with Pixlr E.

One last tip we can give you is to experiment to your heart’s content, especially regarding autumn-themed collages. Mesh two different fall sceneries from different parts of the world together and see how they fit. 

There you have it – all the autumn-related ideas you need for your next photoshoot!

It is hoped that these fantastic, specially-curated fall edits made just for you would be able to get your autumn spirits high up. If you would like to know more about Pixlr’s editing tools and how you can utilize them, click here for a beginner’s guide. To get inspired by autumn’s colors, you can browse our latest fall-based palettes here