5 Haunting Halloween Photo Editing Ideas

When you think of Spooky Season, what pops into your mind?

More often than not, Halloween is associated with sweet treats, carving pumpkins, horror movies and also not to forget, fun costume parties. However, now that the COVID-19 pandemic has created a new norm, many of us may struggle on continuing these special Halloween traditions this year. 

Not to worry though, Pixlr is here to help you get your Halloween spirit back up. If you are yearning to commemorate spooky vibes on your social media, we got just the right visuals for you.

Captivating Halloween edit made with Pixlr E.

Come and scroll through these hauntingly beautiful edits that are made exclusively using Pixlr’s tools and effects. 

Let your creativity soar and celebrate halloween in your own, unique way. Whether you’d like to immerse yourself completely into the ghoulness of it all, or if you prefer to keep it cute or funny, we have the inspiration for them all.


  1. Into the Woods 

What’s scarier than being lost in the woods after dark? Get inspired from dark and grimm tales and channel one of the most common fears that people have – creepy forests! Surrealism is, of course, encouraged. You can add an overlay of mists in making your wood edits all the more mystical. Glowing pair of eyes, eerie silhouettes of giant monsters, fire-breathing jack-o’-lanterns, you name it all – go as wild as you can in depicting these chilly sceneries. 

Giant jack o’ lantern monster in the woods made with Pixlr E.
  1. Harry Potter-inspired Scarefest

Heads up for those who have a phobia of spiders (ie. arachnophobia)!

Giant spider scene 3D illustration by warpaintcobra, 123RF.

What’s more awesome than getting to show off just how much of a Potterhead you are in your Halloween edits? Though it can be something subtle like above (by including Aragog, the infamous magical giant spiders featured in several Harry Potter movies, as the main subject), or perhaps a prominent reference to this well-known franchise, whichever is fine! 

One thing for sure, pairing Harry Potter with Halloween would never go wrong, as the combo is absolutely made for each other. 

3. Creepy Clowns

Pennywise-themed Halloween costume by kharchenko, 123RF.

Following the latest readaption of IT, one of Stephen King’s most well-regarded work, the fear of creepy clowns had never been so universal. What better time than now to illustrate this with a spine-chilling Halloween edit centered around clowns? Go ahead and choose Pennywise as your main muse, topped it with his signature Victorian getup and red balloons and you’re done. 

Be sure to bring out the very nuance of IT, and feel free to fill your edits with disfigured monsters, solemn sceneries and of course, the iconic sewer backdrop if you’d like to. 

Joker-themed Halloween costume by lekcej, 123RF.

Of course, if you would like to base your edits on something else entirely, we got your back. After all,  what is more iconic than Joker, the most devious villain of fictional clowns there ever was? This edit would go wonderfully well if your go-to costume for this spooky season is Joker-inspired. 

4. Still Water Runs Deep

Giant kraken underneath a boat, made with Pixlr E.

This Halloween, why not face your fears of the deep ocean and embrace it instead. Picture yourself stranded in the middle of the sea, what would your worst nightmare be? Is it a kraken? A siren? A megalodon? 

Creepy sea monster edit made with Pixlr E.

To add some spice into your ocean-based Halloween edit, feature any fearsome mythical sea creatures into your backdrop of unsuspected rowers, sailors or ships – this move can go no wrong. 

5. Misty Mystique

Misty portrait of a witch made with Pixlr E.

One last tip we can give to quench your thirst for haunting edits this Halloween is to add mist onto your images. As it goes, the more foggy it is, the more mysterious looking your visual content would be! Best part about this approach, there’s no limit as to what kind of subject you choose – it can be a portrait of yourself in your Halloween costume, it can be woodland creatures in a forest, and it can even be mundane everyday scenery such as a cobbled street. 

Undoubtedly, adding mists into your images would make your edits look much cooler. 

Magical fairy in a misty forest made with Pixlr E.

What are you waiting for? Give your photos a scare!

With Pixlr’s high quality templates and innovative filters, we guarantee that your social media presence this month would be frightfully fun. Check out our latest collection of Halloween templates too – each designed especially to make your edits a little bit more eerie (but awesome nonetheless). 

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