5 Creative Spring Photography Ideas to Try This Season

Looking for fresh new photo ideas to update your social media feeds with this spring? Take a look at our list of creative spring photography ideas, grab your camera and try them out yourself!

Spring is not just a time for flowers to bloom and for pollen allergy to run rampant, it is also a season of blossoming joy, new beginnings and renewed hope. So get out there, embrace the beauty of spring and capture the moment! 

All you need are a camera (your phone camera works as well), a friend (or two) and some simple props. Here are 5 fun, easy-to-follow photography ideas that you and your friends can experiment with while frolicking in nature:

Mirror Mirror in The Sky

Image from Unsplash.

That’s right – the only prop you need for this photoshoot is a mirror.  

If you’re shooting in a meadow or flower field, you can place the mirror upright and make sure there are flowers in the foreground concealing parts of the mirror as well as in the background.

Or you can lay the mirror down and let it face upward. 

After setting up the mirror, all you have to do is position yourself “within the mirror” and strike a pose. Get a friend to snap the photos for you, or you can bring a tripod and turn on the timer mode on your phone camera. If you’re feeling camera-shy, you can always just take a photo of your hands, preferably holding a flower or two.

Image from Unsplash.

Framing Flowers

Image from Pinterest.

The idea is to expertly frame the subject with flowers and create an aesthetically pleasing composition that brings out the feminine energy of spring. 

You should position your subject among flowering trees or shrubs – make sure the flowers in the foreground are accentuating the face of your subject. If you’re using your phone camera, you can opt for portrait mode. But if you’re shooting with a DSLR camera, you can adjust your aperture to create a shallow depth of field, hence achieving the blurred background and soft focus effect.

Image by @brandonwoelfel.

Floral Top Trend

Image from Pinterest.

Back in Spring 2020 during the height of the pandemic, this floral top trend was all over Instagram and TikTok as everyone was forced to stay indoors, and wearing fresh flowers as a top was the closest thing to nature and the great outdoors.

Now in 2022, we say it’s time to bring back this trend and make it even better! You can accessorize all you want – add a bag, a headscarf, even a backdrop. Or you can just make nature the star of the show and allow the flowers to stand out.

Image from Pinterest.

Grounded in Nature

Image from Pinterest.

Anchor your roots in good soil, stay grounded, and you will bloom, literally

This photoshoot idea is perfect for those of you who are camera-shy, because it only requires a shot of your feet. Put on your favorite Dr. Martens, pick a simple backdrop, insert freshly picked wildflowers into your boots and snap a photo!

Image from Pinterest.

A Pocketful of Sunshine

Image from Pinterest.

As the title suggests, this idea simply involves decorating your pockets with beautifully picked flowers, conveying a message of funtimes and optimism. If you’re an avid flower collector, then you’d definitely love this quirky idea.

Image from Unsplash.

So which one of these ideas are you most likely to try? Share your photos with us by tagging @pixlr or using the hashtag #madewithpixlr.

Springtime Fun Times

Spring is the perfect season to try new things and explore new places, so let your inner child out, step out of your comfort zone and be as creative as possible!